April 28, 2007

A Cost Effective Solution for Customer Relationship Management

I spoke with a friend who is in the contact center industry yesterday. She was one of the transition managers and is in charge of starting up accounts. Anyway, she was ranting about how she couldn't find a customer relationship management software suited for the sales account she was building. She said she was looking for something that was cost-effective yet powerful enough to meet the demands and requirements of their clients. I could tell she was out of her wits looking for a solution to her dilemma.

Being in the same industry as her, I understand how she was feeling. A contact center industry is all about meeting the demands of your clients and their customers. So as soon as we were done with our chit chats, I picked up my laptop and scoured the web to help her.

Hours later, I gave her another call and happily told her I found something that could definitely help save her job lol! I found AIMPromote, an easy to use CRM software with a much lower cost of implementation compared to the other CRM softwares around. I was enumerating the key features it has but my friend didn't give me chance to finish, she was shrieking with joy and relief. lol!

Hmm...I got to thinking, I better tell my boss about this on Monday. I think this software would be a big boost to our sales team too.

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