April 28, 2007

On Politics and Politicians - Warning Rant Coming

I'm taking a little break from our Prison Break marathon to rant. Sorry but I really need to as I am very frustrated.

About what? About politics and politicians here in our country. I don't get them. Maybe because I don't really like politics so I don't know much about what it is. But what I do know is it's very very frustrating when you're trying to rest and then some freaking politicians drive by (ever so slowly, mind you) with speakers in full blast announcing their names, people from their party shouting at the top of their lungs, and horns honking over and over.

Hubby and I were enjoying a leisurely afternoon, lounging around getting our long awaited Prison Break Season 2 marathon, when these freaks decided to wake the entire neighborhood up from their saturday siesta. I mean hello??? A little respect here? Isn't it enough they trash the the entire country with their garbage?

I know it was just for a few minutes but obviously, I did not appreciate the ruckus.

Rant done.

Now back to Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows.

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