April 27, 2007

In My Dreams

There are moments in my day when I would shift to my "dreamer" mode and just lose myself daydreaming. Lately, my daydreams have been about owning our own house and enjoying it with hubby and our child(ren?). These daydreams would often make me search the internet to make it more enticed and excited! lol!

My dreams would then consist of what our room would look like. What our child's room would look like. Every detail down to the bedroom furniture would be included. Am I crazy or what? lol!

Anyway, so I was in my dream world one day and was surfing the net when I chanced upon this:

Awww... the furnitures are just so sweet! I love the overall feel of room. Sweet and cozy. The bed frame just took my breath away. so classic! This is the exact bed frame I would want for my little girl.

Sigh! I need to get back to reality now. lol!

If you want to see more, do visit the great priced furniture website! Lots of lovely furniture to choose from. All at great prices!

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