April 26, 2007

And it went down!!! Woot!

Okay, I know there is nothing to be happy about, but I can't help it, my Alexa scores went down - big time! From 6 million, it now went down to 2 million. Woot!

Of course, this would not be possible if not for you, the visitors and guests who drop by my site. Thank you so much you guys! And of course, last but definitely not the least, my fellow bebots who has tremendously helped in lowering my alexa scores, thank you sisters! You are the best!

LOL! I feel like I'm in the grammies!

Seriously, it's a long way to go but the big drop in alexa scores has really made me happy. Imagine the 4 million drop! And in less than a month! Thank you again everyone! My heartfelt gratitude.

Now, I'll continue to do my best to write quality posts. In line with that, I know I have so much more to improve on when it comes to my writing. My train of thought is somewhat scattered. Any of you care to give me comments or feedbacks? Tips and suggestions? I'd really appreciate it.

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