April 17, 2007

Vegas Baby!

NEWSFLASH! I got an email from a headhunter advising me that I was short listed for a job in the US. Great news! Woot! I’m scared and excited at the same time. It has been my long time dream to visit the US! When she explained that the job was in Las Vegas. I got more excited!

Being the dreamer that I am, my mind was filled with ideas about living in Vegas! I have seen movies, even shows that were shot in Vegas and my mind was reeling with thoughts! LOL! I could just imagine the bustling activities, the twinkling lights, walking along the Strip . (insert dreamy look here) Then, my mind shifted gears and I thought of where to live in Vegas. I would definitely want to look for New homes over there. Am I being silly or what?! I haven’t even been interviewed yet and my mind is already thinking about New homes in Vegas!

But hey, it’s free to dream right? Wish me luck on that job!

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