April 22, 2007

A Way To A Better Life

I don't really remember when I started noticing my brother in law's unusual behavior. All I remember is that the first thought that came into my mind was that this guy’s into drugs. His blank stares, always asking for money from his mom triggered a big alarm in my head. I spent days trying to think of a way to tell my husband about my suspicions.

True enough my husband and my mother in law were not happy about me insinuating that my brother in law was an addict so I kept my mouth shut. Other well meaning friends and family also told them about the possibility of my brother in law being a drug addict. They suggested that maybe it would be better to put him in drug rehab. But for some reason I could not understand why they kept denying the truth.

Months went by and still, they refused to listen.

When things got really out of hand and a lot of bad stuff were happening to the family already, they finally accepted the fact that my brother in law was in deep trouble. They decided to call a drug rehab hotline to learn what they can do. After much help from family and friends, My brother in law is now safe inside the drug rehab and is on his way to a better life – drug free.

I really appreciate what this drug rehab places do to help people get back on track. The government should really support and help them so they can, in turn, help more people.

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