April 22, 2007

The Bridge is falling!

Not the London Bridge hehehe!

Reading John Rana's entry on their family trip to CaliRana made me remember that fateful day when me, my then fiance Jasper, and friends from our online wedding community fell off the bridge into a pond. It was one embarassing experience because:

1. Well, it's pretty obvious. When you fall off a wooden bridge with lots of eyes on you, wouldn't you be?

2. We were staying at the resort courtesy of Weddings At Work and ruining that bridge, albeit unintentionally, was enough to make my toes curl of embarassment. Just imagine the cost of having it repaired!

But not all of my memories there were that embarassing. In fact, if not for that incident (which was our fault, by the way), I could say our stay there was perfect. CaliRana will always have a special place in my heart because it is there that I gained treasured frends overnight. I can still remember the fun we had cooking our food. The stories over cups of coffee. The fun we had at the pool, All these we did with just an overnight stay.

Sigh! John, your post not only made me remember, it made me want to go back there now! lol!

If any of you would want to learn more about CaliRana, please visit them here.

ETA: I found a picture of us when we fell of the bridge. Pictures courtesy of Pierre Oliver Cruz.


John Rana said...

Hey Nyree! Thanks for linking my blog here. I really appreciate it.

CaliRana ba? Anytime! hehehe lakas ng loob mag-aya, parang akin! hahaha~

NYREE said...

You're welcome John! Reading your blog makes me want to be a vespa rider tuloy wahahah. Couldn't picture myslef as one lang ehehehe.

Sana nga maulit ang CaliRana trip with the original cast :P

Happy Summer to you Benz and Kite!


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