May 11, 2007

Hectic Week = Stress+ Realizations

Hello! How's everyone doing? I hope all of you are in great shape.

I've been such a bad blogger this week. Tsk tsk! I really am sorry for not posting any updates. It's been really overwhelming at work this week and I don't think things are going to settle soon. Heaven help me. lol!

I'm tired and stressed but I really love what I'm doing. I guess I am just overwhelmed with the many tasks pouring in it feels like I want to just put camp in the office - sleep there so I could finish the mountain of tasks.

Allow me to be sentimental for a moment. You know, there are times I'd ask myself if I still want this job or just give up and leave. But then, I walk the streets and see things that make me realize I am blessed to have a job that pays the bills and buys us the food we need - with some luxuries on the side.

I see the kids selling "flower leis" (sampaguita) on the streets just so they could have food to buy. I see people sleeping on different parts of the sidewalk with only boxes as mats. And it is at these moments that I feel ashamed for even whining about how hard my job is and how tired I am.

I am truly humbled and I thank God for opening my eyes and letting me realize how blessed I am. I may not have the luxuries of the rich and famous - but I have food to eat everyday, a job that pays the bills, a home with a comfy bed to sleep in. In short, I have enough of what I need.

I have to go sleep now but I promise to update soon.

Nits, Amore and Mich, sorry I haven't gotten around to doing the meme's you've tagged me with but I promise to do it during the weekend. :)


the philosphical bastard said...

contentment is a great trait. i should have more of those...

NYREE said...

believe me there are days when I feel like I need a lot more than what I have ;P


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