May 2, 2007

Interrupting the Silence

To say that my Google PR Rank went down to 0/10. I was like, What the??? Just when I was updating my blog and doing my best to (hopefully) put in quality posts, I went down to 0?!?! This is crazy!

Well, Google is currently doing an update so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is all due to the dance. I read somewhere that the page rank dances when Google's updating.

Almost all the PR checker sites are saying that I'm a 0. Even those that predict. I just hope they're wrong. Oh well, if that's the case then, I'd have to work pretty hard on this blog. This is driving me nuts. lol!

I am getting my own domain very very soon! :) I'll post an announcement once I have it up and running. :)


mai said...

same here nyree..mine went down to 3 from PR4...kainis nga eh..sana lang bug lang talaga.

NYREE said...

Hi Mai! Oo nga I hope its just dancing like what they say. The rank usually dances talaga when google is doing an update. Sana nga yung sakin stays to PR 2 rather than maging 0 diba? :( Oo nga sana yung sayo maging PR 5 na :D


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