May 26, 2007

Still at 0

Is Google done with their dance?

If so, then this s**ks big time. My blog went down from a PR (Page Rank) 2 to a PR 0. I really have no idea why and it baffles me. Just when I was updating this blog and all. Crap. My other blog, which has almost the same content by the way, is still at a PR 2. I haven't updated that blog in ages. Go figure.

It's just frustrating you know. I've been working really hard to increase my PR score and I get a 0. I mean, I'm not saying I have an excellent blog here. I'd be happy if it stayed at a PR 2, but what's with the 0?!?!?! Rant rant rant! Calling Google, I really do not understand how you check things or rank a page, I don't think anyone does. I've seen blogs with nonsense contents and bad english get a PR of 6. Do you guys just randomly rank pages or what?

Okay rant done.

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