May 21, 2007

The Sunday Movie Date

So what happened to our planned date? It went pfffft! Thanks to Ayala's Trinoma Mall.

Hubby was so insistent on seeing the new mall. I told him I read a review from Anton's blog that the mall was not worth visiting at this point. The mall was fairly new with a few shops in it, dusty and hard to find parking, aircon problems. Based on what I read, it was a disappointment. But hubby was still insistent. Hearing that the cinemas were open there already, I obliged.

So we went there, curious about how the mall looked like and deciding which movie to watch, Shrek 3 or Spiderman 3. We arrived with no hassle but we already saw a lot of cars parked already. Since we arrived after lunch time, a lot of people were already walking about. I was busy taking pictures of the mall and hubby was complaining about the aircon. (I hate to say "I told you so.")

Trinoma looked exactly like Glorietta in Makati and Market Market in The Fort. A Maze of a mall. Right now, the floors are still dusty and if you have asthma or allergic rhinitis, I suggest you don't go there just yet. Just like Anton wrote, finding the parking area is like a game of hide and seek. When hubby and I went outside, there was a line of cars where all of the drivers were asking where the parking area was. I just find it disappointing why an Ayala Mall would not put up, at least a temporary signage pointing to where the parking was.

The biggest disappointment (albeit expected) was when we were about to buy movie tickets. A security guard blocked our way (rudely too!) telling us the cinemas were closed due to an aircon problem. Now as much as I want to understand that a new mall would have technical problems, why on earth would you even do a soft opening when you're not even complete with the basic stuff? I even heard one lady coming out of a restroom say there was no running water in the toilets! Que Horror!

I guess I just didn't expect an Ayala Mall to be this - disappointing. Even if you say it was just a soft opening of sorts, they should have at least expected the throng of curious people who would trekk there. After all, it was a big mall in the center of Quezon City and an Ayala Mall at that!

They say first impressions last. And I felt that way yesterday. But I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt and revisit after 2 to 3 months. I suggest you do the same. By then, I'm sure majority of the shops are open, restos will probably abound and the aircon units would do their thing.

We did watch Shrek 3 and Spiderman 3, but in DVD. We decided to buy some DVD's, turn up the aircon unit in our room, cuddle and munch on popcorn. We had more fun that way. ;-P

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