May 20, 2007

Dreming of the Past

I dreamt about the past a while ago. It is still fresh in my memory. Contrary to what I read about forgetting your dreams a minute after you wake up. Wierd but I am always like this. I seldom forget what i dream about.

Last night's dream sort of disoriented me. I dreamt about our old house in Project 6. The dream was so vivid! The house was exactly how it was when we lived there, even the furnitures that have long been sold or thrown away was there. It was like the past and the present merged into one. Hubby was there. I was in my present age. Even my family. It would've been a typical dream, had it not been for that someone from my past.

He was there, with me and hubby. In the living room. The scene changes and hubby and I were talking at the front door, hubby was telling me: "Hon, he wants to talk to you. I think he wants to apologize and tell you he wants you back." I was dumbfounded. True enough, a few seconds after, he peeked in the door and said he was about to leave and asked if he could talk to me for a couple of minutes. Hubby nodded and I obliged.

He indeed apologized for what he did to me way back. He said he was really sorry and that he still loved me and wanted me back. I was about to tell him no, that I am happily married when my mom called me and asked me to give something before that guy left. And that was when I woke up. Jolted awake by hubby's embrace.

Why am I even dreaming about this guy? Someone from a long long time ago. I was not even thinking about him for ages! I know it may not mean anything, the dream just got me a bit suprised when I woke up. Sigh. If we could only decipher what our dreams mean.


the philosphical bastard said...

they say when the past comes its because of regret. in the same way that when dream of something scary it means change.

but i dont know...

NYREE said...

Hi Paolo. That's an interesting thought. Maybe I am feeling regret. Kaya lang regret of what kaya? Getting married? wahahahah. Just kidding. Oh well, I just hope that dream meant nothing ;P


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