June 6, 2007

Afraid of Getting Lost?

I remember working for a Directory Assistance firm a few years back, one of the added value service they offered was Driving Directions. I remember being awed at this technology and was always upbeat when giving my callers some driving directions.

I also remember thinking how neat it would be to get this sevice for free. Well, guess what, there's now a place where you can
get directions for free. Public Routes offers free directions and major traffic updates for US and UK residents. What's really neat about this service is you can get directions wether you're traveling by car, bus, train, even if you're just walking! I was used to just giving driving directions to people traveling by car but while walking? W-O-W!

To get directions, you simply put the start and destination address. You get to choose which mode of transportation you want. Then press on "get directions" and voila! You wouldn't have to worry about getting lost anymore. Not only that but you won't worry about traffic as well! With the traffic alerts you can avoid those streets that could take up most of your time.

You can also use the "
Map It" feature where you can enter the point of interest you want and the zip code. This feature can also show you nearby bus stops and train stations. Pretty cool huh?

And if you're going to a certain city for the first time, you can get information on the "
Local Guide" feature or find flights, hotels and more. Such efficiency!

I just signed up and will tell all my friends too! What about you?

You can sign up

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