June 29, 2007

A Burning Desire for Photography

I have been really thinking about photography and planning to take it seriously as a hobby. I want to take pictures, of the mundane, the simple, the common. I want to capture beauty and let the world see it through my eyes (or lens :P )
I know you sense a "but" in there so here it is...
But I don't know where to start. So many questions are running through my mind right now. Will I have the talent,time and money to go to different places to shoot? I don't think I have a keen eye, can that be developed? Where will it take me?
I guess I could start on learning the basics of photography. Maybe take a class or two. Take a trip somewhere and shoot to my heart's content. Yes, my heart is set. Inspite of the questions, my heart beats with excitement - i hope this excitement turns into a burning passion for photography.
This weekend's plan is to go to UP Diliman early in the morning to shoot and shoot and shoot. :) Do you know if it's allowed or not? I don't want to be shooed away by the guards and all.


Mai said...

hi nyree...we got the same sentiments. I bought my semi-dslr pero I don't know neither where and how to start. Gusto ko din sana attend basic photography lessons pero naman....ang mahal! check this out baka gusto mo:


same cam tayo di ba? share notes tayo ha. hehe!

Buge said...

Hi Nyree! Ako din! I super want to practice shooting more but I don't have a DSLR and my freelancing is keeping me from traveling to shoot photos.

I took a basic photography class before by FPPF. It was cheap and very well worth it. You can check their site http://www.photoworldmanila.com.

It's a four day workshop (Sundays) which takes place in Fort Santiago.

Nyree said...

@Mai: Oo nga e, the problem is kailangan ko super ng time to shoot. haaay! Yeah sige share notes tayo. Yaan mo, magagamay mo din cam mo lalo na when your little angel comes ;)

@Buge: hirap pag walang time to shoot and shoot no? kenes. hehehe! Anyway thanks for the link :)

blissful-weddings said...

we've just bought a Nikon D40X kit the other week. it's an entry-level DSLR cam that me and my hubby is so crazy about.

the online community in http://digitalphotography.com.ph/forum will help you get started. It helped us a lot and we are also planning to enroll in a photography class.

buy now and start shooting! :)


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