June 25, 2007

Of Shopping Carts and Softwares

A friend of mine who is based in Australia is asking my opinion on the new online shop she's going to open soon. Now I am not allowed to disclose yet what type of shop it is but I'll let you know once it's up. She is now looking for a company that could help her with the shop's online shopping cart

I suggested she use AShop Commerce. It's a shopping cart software that is web based. No installations required! Using this will enable her to accept credit card payments online.

This leading ecommerce software has thousands of features and is easy to use. I would know because I went ahead and tried their 10 day free trial! And the best thing I love about it is that I could fully customize the design.

Well, she is trying the 10 day trial now and I am waiting to hear from her. But I am sure she's going to like it. :)

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aslee nino said...

you're tagged! =)


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