June 13, 2007

Creepy Crawly

While cleaning the room last Sunday, I found 2 spiders on our ceiling. Now, I don't exaclty know what type of spiders they were but man, were they big! I was sweeping away at developing cobwebs on the corners when I saw something move. Well, if you knew me, then you probably know I screamed my lungs out lol!

The husband ran towards the room when he heard my screams and laughed - yes, he laughed at me! He knows my anxiousness about any insect that crawls - no matter how harmless they are. And to add insult to injury, the husband caught the spider and moved towards me. So, a chase ensued. Ah, the joys of marriage. Poor spiders though, they must have been dizzy.

I don't know why but I really hate insects that crawl. I'm not afraid of them, I just hate the feel of them crawling on my skin. Number one on my hate list are cockroaches, specially those that fly. Blech!

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