June 13, 2007

My Dream Workspace

Taking cue from Aggie's post about workspaces, I decided to do a search of my own. I really love how fellow Bebot, Glo, did hers, very warm and stylish at the same time. Tres Chic!

I found this at Pottery Barn, like Aggie. And this is how I want my workspace to look like:

I like the warm colors on this and love how the furnitures are arranged. The window view is perfect inspiration or simply just destressing. I also like the bookcase design. This would be great for my book collection.

If I were to have an office in my own house someday, this would be it.


Ockham's Student said...

Now this is a workspace that could inspire me to great achievements!

Nyree said...

You said it! I feel I could really do alot of stuff if this is how my workspace looked :P


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