June 9, 2007

The Next Big Thing

Note: This is not a paid post :)

I am no photography expert so this is not really a review but more of an exciting post of a new find.

It has been my long time dream to learn photography. I've been playing around with my camera recently but I am just at the very teeny tip of the photography iceberg. Such is my attraction to it that when I see good photography, (good for me means the colors and subjects are alive and the photos move me - that's just for me though, I know there are many other factors.) I get excited and happy. :)

We have a lot of good photogaphers here in the Philippines. Just visit any Bridal fair and you will have a hard time choosing. {I know I did 2 years ago :P) Today, there emerges a new breed of photographers that will really catch your eye.

The one that stood out to me is Metro Photography by Oly Ruiz. You should see his portfolio. This guy has a really great eye! The common things that we usually take forgranted, common expressions, common places, he turns into a photograph that you will cherish. The colors of his photographs are vibrant, alive and amazing!

I also like how he's good in capturing various aspects of life like people, food, pets etc. Some photographers sometimes have a certain expertise, like one is good in taking food pictures, some with kids and some with weddings and events, but not Oly. His shots transcends the normal and ordinary - all with amazing quality and vibrant colors!

I really think Metro Photography is the next big thing. Oly Ruiz is one hell of a photographer. I feel bad that I wasn't aware of his talent when we were planning for our wedding. Maybe on our 25th.

Visit his portfolio and see what I am talking about. Take note of the portraits he took, see how alive the eyes of his subjects are! Truly amazing!

For more information and bookings here's Metro Photography's Contact Information:

by Oly Ruiz

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