June 8, 2007

Spies Attack!

We've had the worst sypware attack in the office last night. All our computers were running slow and eventually prevented us from using them. One even turned off by itself and wemcouldn't turn it on again. When our IT department checked, they found out that a spyware had damaged the computer.

They were eventually able to put the computers back in action but not without fear of having spyware attacks again. The incident also lost us valuable time. If you work in a contact center, especially in workforce management, then you probably know that time is of the essence. I wish our company had invested in a good Spy Sweeper so these incidents wouldn't occur.

What happened also made me afraid of what might happen to my laptop. I am no businesswoman but my laptop is important to me. I need a very good Spy Sweeper so I can protect my laptop. I've searched the internet for good products and I am inclined to purchase this.

Spywares are dangerous and annoying programs can infect your computers while you use the internet to browse, and download stuff. Spy Sweeper is an award winning antispyware software that keeps your computers safe from malicious spyware programs even before they reach your computer. What is does is block these programs and even search and destroy those that are already in your system. You get safe and worry-free internet browsing time!

For those who are into file sharing and downloading MP3's and files over the internet (I'm thinking my digiscrap stuff :P), then you can rest easy as Spy Sweeper can detect even the slightest bit of change in a spyware program and eventually block them.

Couple these with free defense updates and free continous customer support, then it truly deserves to be an award winning software.

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