June 5, 2007

The Weekend

I know this is late but, how was your weekend? I hope it went well and all of you had some rest and quality time with your families.

I had a wonderful weekend. Tiring, but nonetheless wonderful. The flurry of activities started Friday night - or rather Thursday evening. I arrived at the office at 6PM, Thursday evening and went home 12 noon Friday. Talk about back-to-back shifts! lol! I had some shut eye when I arrived home and what seemed like seconds of closing my eyes, hubby was waking me up because I was to accompany him on his doctor's appointment.

Saturday saw me, my father-in-law, his sister and her son and daughter riding the bus to the Mall of Asia. It was actually my idea. (For some time now I felt so cooped up in the house that I just wanted to go some place.) It just so happened that they haven't been there as well and would like to know what the fuss about that mall was. As was usual with any SM Mall, MOA was packed. And well, it was the weekend so there.

Hubby had to attend a friends wedding at the Shrine of Jesus so he met us after the reception. Since it was a wedding he went to, the camera was with him so I was only able to take some pictures when he arrived. Pity though, because the teens tried out Ice Skating for the first time and they were hilarious! LOL! I really wish I could've taken a video of them falling on their hineys! hehehe!

Here are more of the pictures:

Sunday was R and R day with hubby. We holed up in our room, turned on the AC and watched DVDs the whole day. We usually watch the movies much later than everyone else does, but I'd rather watch them at home than in movie theaters. Hahaha, laziness at it's best. ;) But, but,but, I am going to watch the Transformers movie in theaters. Wouldn't miss that.

So there's our weekend. How was yours?

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