July 14, 2007

Finally, Updates =)

Finally able to update! I am really sorry for being MIA. I'd like to thank all of my guests and visitors who dropped by. I really really appreciate it.

So what happened? Well, every 3 months or so, our agents get to do a shift bid where based on their performance for the past 3 months, they get to bid on the schedule they want. It's a gruesome process for our department as we need to generate schedules that would meet client requirements. We need to make sure that the schedules we give the agents to choose from would align with the requirements or else we fail big time. After the agents pick their schedules, we need to plot them in the software we use and make sure that everything is balanced - meeting client requirements and giving humane break schedules to the agents. Then we need to give transition rest days and the whole crapola. It's actually easier said than done as I handle close to 500 agents.
That said, I got sick the past 2 days - hehehe!

Enough about work, what are the recent updates?

1. I was finally able to buy that 30Gb iPod Video and Nokia 5300 and I am enjoying them immensely. My iPod keeps my stress level to normal and the phone brought me back to communicating with the world. :)

2. The Ilocos trip was cancelled indefinitely - boo! :(

3. And just tonight the husband and me watched The Transformers. I know, I know, pretty late, but we didn't want to watch it the first weekend it was released as the lines were pretty long and the cinemas crowded. No offense meant, we just didn't want to :) But the movie was AWESOME! Definitely worth buying a DVD copy (the original DVD :) )

4. The husband is now joining my weekend walks, yey! Both of us are now trying to lose some weight so wish us luck! :)

That's so far of the updates I can think of right now. Now that I have time to update, I promise to back soon :) Hope all of you are well! Happy weekend!


Dzoi said...

hi nyree!

sarap naman ng quality time with hubby :) buti napapayag mo sya to walk with you lol.

Nyree said...

Hi Dzoi! Hahaha siguro nagtaka na di ko na sha kinukulit. I walk on my own e kahit wala sha, nagselos ata sa quality time ko sa sarili ko lol!


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