July 29, 2007

I Spoke Too Soon

On my previous post I said I had the time to update. I spoke too soon.

My apologies again, I had a tiring and nerve wracking past week. This will be quite a post so please bear with me. :)

Late last year, I rushed the husband to the emergency room due to severe abdominal pains. Doctors did some tests and said it was dyspepsia. We went home but the abdominal pain would persist. I finally convinced the husband to have a doctor who specializes in gastro cases check on him.

An ultrasound last July 19 showed a 2.9cm gallstone and his gallbladder inflammed. The doctor immediately recommended removal of the gallstone as his gallbladder was already inflammed and might erupt soon. July 20, we had the husband admitted for open cholecystectomy to remove his gallbladder along with the stone.

The following would be the snippets I wrote down when we were in the hospital.

July 20, 2007 After a 4 hour wait, we are finally inside Room 503B of the Manila Doctors Hospital. The husband is still relaxed as the reality of the entire procedure hasn't sinked in yet. He is watching TV right now. I, on the other hand have been praying non stop since I saw the ultrasound result. A lot of people keep telling me that the procedure is quite easy so there is no need to worry. Still, it doesn't hurt to pray right? Talking to my Father keeps me sane and at peace. My mother in law is worried about the cost but i rold her God will provide for everything, she need not worry. What is important is that the husband is safe and healthy. Okay I have to go. I need to buy some groceries, coffee cups, small cakes etc.

July 21, 11:00 AM The husband has jitters now. He is scheduled for operation at 1:00 PM. My mom and dad are her for support and I am super thankful. Got to go. A representative from our health insurance is here.

July 21, 12:30 PM I am outside of the operating room right now and I couldn't understand how I feel. So many emotions are clouding my thoughts. Fear is the most prominent. My parents and in laws are at the chapel.

July 21, 3:00 PM The operation was a success and the husband is at the recovery room right now. Praise and thank God! We had quite a scare a while ago when a representative from the OR department called us. She said the doctor needed to talk to us. Whew! The doctor only told us the operation was done and the husband is okay. he also gave us the specimen. The gall stone was huge!

July 25 We are out of the hospital and finally home. God was so gracious and gave us favor upon favor. I could never praise Him enough nor pay back what He gave us. The bill amounted to a whooping 117,000! By God's goodness we didn't pay for anything as the health insurance covered everything.

Truly the experience was humbling.

The husband is still home recovering and recovering fast. I went back to work Thursday that's why i wasn't able to update you all. Busy at work and taking care of the husband.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for us! Your prayers meant so much! Slow down on eating those oily foods and foods that has a lot of fats as these are the main cause of gallstones. :)

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