August 22, 2007

Anyone for Goth?

Have you guys watched The Craft? I watched that movie like thrice I think. Not because of the story but because I so wanted to dress like Robin Tunney that time. Their costumes were so Goth and it called out to me lol! But of course my parents would not hear anything of it! Their eyes were like saucer-wide when I told them I wanted to paint my fingernails black! Hahahah!

Just so you know, I was in high school then. I completely outgrew that phase in my life. I sort of remembered it when I was surfing the net and stumbled upon this goth dating site and though it cool!

If you are into gothic personals then this is the site for you. It's free and easy to explore. You can even block a member from your searches if you aren't interested. Other cool features include browsing photos upfront and see members who are online.

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