August 18, 2007

I Got Thoof!

I am a frequest visitor of a couple of news website where I get to read about current events and other stuff. With all of these sites I get general news meaning they're not customized to my interests. I could, but the process is quite long and frankly I am just too lazy to go through a lot of processes just to taxing for me.

But I have a new best friend now. It's my Thoof! This site is wonderful as it gives me personalized news and information based on my individual likes and preferences. Instead of giving me news that the general population likes, Thoof's personalized algorithm gives me those that I am interested in. Saves me time from searching and searching.

Aside from giving me great news and information, Thoof also helps drive traffic to my site with the ThoofRank. By submitting my stories to Thoof, ThoofRank measures the interest level of my stories and helps drive traffic to my site. The more interesting my story is, the higher the percentage. I've been submitting several entries from my different blogs and Thoof has really helped. You guys should try it soemtime.

I've spent about an hour just reading and reading about news and information on Thoof and I've really been finding great stuff to read. From worrying about getting old to disappointing tourist sites then to parental hysteria. lol! Well, I better get back to work now. Seriously, try Thoof!

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