August 7, 2007

One Fine Sunday

Ahhh..time, sweet time to update my blog! :)

Finally able to catch up with my backlogs at work. If being out of the office for 1 day gives me tons of work when i return, imagine the load when I am out for 5 days! That's exactly what happened when I was on emergency leave due to the husband's stay at the hospital.

He's doing well now by the way, and he might go back to work next week once he gets a go signal from the doctor.

So anyway, the weekend was a blast. I selpt all day Saturday, but Sunday was a different story. I had the most wonderful time with my in-laws! It was something I have been praying for, for the longest time. A chance to go out and bond with my in-laws. The timinig couldn't be perfect (well, it wasn't suprising since God's timing is always perfect :) ), it was my daddy-in-law's 65th birthday last Friday and his last day at work. So to celebrate his birthday and retirement we decided to bring him out to lunch. Good thing that Tita Bhie went here from San Jose to visit her kids. Cary and Amy (the husband's cousins) were also game with the plan and brought their kids with them.

We all trekked to Seaside Macapagal for lunch. As always we went straight to Julie's. We just love how they cook seafood. :) We had a sumptous lunch with a lot of stories and just basically bonding. For a moment, I sat back and watched all the laughter and stories everyone shared. I thanked God that my prayers were answered. Surely, after that tumultuous season a few months back, God has replaced pain with joy. It made the family bond stronger.

Let me share a few pictures:

Cary with daughter Mia bonding

Mia - isn't she just adorable?

Our family - Mommy-in-law, me, the husband and daddy-in-law. and yes, I had my hair cut :)

All of us :)

After the hearty lunch, we trekked to the mall of asia where we just sort of continued our chikahan and tawanan ;)

It was really a day to remember and of course everyone enjoyed with a heartfelt promise that family gatherings like these will be done more frequently even without an occassion.

I leave you my personal favorite shot while in the Mall of Asia.

isn't he adorable? The kid was just walking when his trousers kind of fell. hihihi! Have a wonderful week everyone!

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