August 21, 2007

Secure Your Homes!

When I was still a teen, my dad would always remind us to check the doors and locks every night. He had a good reason to do so, our country had a realy high crime rate and being lax about home security would mean disaster. Some of my well off classmates even had Security Cameras in parts of their houses.

Time and time again I would read about people being tied up while their homes were being ravaged by robbers. Or sometimes, they would come home from work and find their houses empty of their most treasured belongings. I sometimes wonder why these people don't even go to the extent of gathering information about home security.

Now if you're as OC as my dad (I am thankful that he is!) then I suggest you gather information on how to secure and protect your homes. I strongly advise you to do this not only for your treasured belongings but most importantly, the safety of your family.

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