August 21, 2007

DVD Weekend

How was your weekend? I am back with a weekend update. So we stayed at my parent's place for the weekend and because of the chilly weather, the husband and I decided to sleep in and watch some TV series. Remember my post the other day about missing friends? Well, because of that I bought season 1 of DIRT. It stars Courteney Cox-Arquette as Lucy Spiller, editor-in-chief of DIRT magazines. I can't say it's good but I guess it got me engrossed enough to still be watching it til a while ago lol!

That was the activity for Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon 'til Monday morning was sleep time for me. It's the only day I get to make up for lack of sleep. :)

Monday saw me, my mom, my dad and siblings in Greenhills. We had a wonderful lunch coupled with a lot of stories. Gosh I realized I missed them so much! After lunch we just went around and bought some stuff and voila, here I am back in the office.

That's as far as my weekend goes. How was yours?

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