September 16, 2007

A Decade of a Post - in other words a long read lol!

I had a nice weekend. Saturday was spent resting as I wasn't feeling very well. Probably due to the stress from work. The husband was as his usual patient self letting me sleep in and get some strength.

Sunday was our 10th anniversary so we had lunch in Trinoma. I know it sounds too boring but aside from the fact that we were on a budget, I wasn't feeling well enough to go some place far. Besides, what mattered most was spending time with the husband ;)

After lunch we had venezuela milk chocolate at Max Brenner's and may I just say that I've fallen in love? It was soo delicious, worth every cent! We were supposed to watch a movie but nothing nice was showing so we went around the mall to shop. I bought the husband a pair of jeans and a shirt to complement it. Seeing as I had no time to buy a gift, we bought it together instead. Sheesh! We both are crap when it comes to preparing surprises lol!

I just can't believe we've been together for 10 years. How time flies! It seems like yesterday when we met over a friends house. Well, it was more of like my ex boyfriends house lol!

The husband was actually part of a group of friends. No, not my ex boyfriend's group but his elder brothers'. His elder brother asked for help on a project one time and his whole 'barkada' was there. That was the day I met the husband. Nah, it wasn't love at first sight. I actually found him very arrogant at that time so I kept my distance. I got along well with their barkada that day. One of them was even trying to get my attention (modesty aside lol!) much to my chagrin.

My ex boyfriend's brother offered to walk me to the the jeepney station and C and the husband tagged along. For some reason, I noticed him that time and even told C he looked like some reporter. We laughed it off. The husband tried to make a good impression but he instead closed the door of the van on my feet. Sheesh! Way to go!

I promised my ex bf's brother that I would call as soon as I get home, which I did. A guy answered and was trying to make me guess who he was. Out of the blue, I said the husband's name. lol!

Months passed and me and the ex bf broke up but his brother and I became great friends so we would still talk over the phone. One time for some reason I couldn't understand, I asked him about the husband and wether he was from chinese descent. I was actullay surprised he popped into my mind.

We met again at ex bf's brother's birthday. He was there but I didn't really notice him. I was chatting with someone else. All of a sudden he walked towards where we were and asked if he could get some cake. I made some lame joke and he flashed that killer smile and walked away. I was like "what just happened there?" and shrugged it off. A few days later, he called. I even mistook him for some old guy lol!

Let's just say the rest is history. ;) It has been a wonderful 10 years together!

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