September 14, 2007

Weekend Breaks

I honestly need a break. And with our 10th anniversary coming up, I really really need a couple of weekend breaks!

For those of you who work, I believe you know how important short breaks from the office is. It refreshes your mind and spirit and gives you that extra boost to give your best at work. It's a good idea to take even a few city breaks just to keep your mind of work for sometime. Believe me, I've seen and actually know people who just work and work and they honestly don't look good! I don't want to be like that!

That is why as early as now, I am planning for a couple of weekend breaks in the near future. I am currently searching for cheap flights and great holiday offers! I know I'm bound to find something as the holidays are fast approaching!

I'd love to visit Prague, Rome and Paris! Ooh Paris sounds really lovely for the husband and me! I just know it's going to be a romantic trip - just in time for our 3rd Wedding anniversary, don't you think? There's also Barcelona and Rome. Hmm..choices, choices and more choices! lol!

I'd really want to know your suggestion. Where do you think we should spend our 3rd wedding anniversary?


Lucel Juliana said...

hi nyree!
paris is a must see. we've been there in 2003 and hubby and i fell in love with the place. don't forget to include the south of france too, and versailles.

Nyree said...

Hi Lucel! Now I'm excited! I've always wanted to go to Paris e! Super thanks for the tip! :)


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