October 12, 2007


Going back to an earlier post where the husband said he wanted to have a baby. I am trying to stop myself from hoping again. But really, can you stop it?

It's really painful when you want something so bad and get frustrated each and every time you hope for it. Waiting for my baby miracle is never an easy thing. I couldn't count how many times I cried and felt so bad that I am starting to not care about it anymore. The hoping every month and the frustration when you see one line on the test. I am honestly tired. I want to stop. I want to feel like i don't want a baby, but I know, deep down inside I do. I make myself believe that I don't but I do.

I just know it would take a miracle, and even if every part of my being wants to stop hoping, I can't help but do. Simply because, hope all I have left.


Mai said...

hugzzz nyree! i know and totally understand how you are feeling. But that's the attitude..keep on believing and hoping, that everything will fall into its right place at the right time. I know gasgas na itong line na ito...basta pray lang ng pray...your prayers will be granted in God's perfect time. :)

Nyree said...

Thank you Mai! I really appreciate your note. Nah, it's not gasgas, I actually feel comforted, Thank you so much! Hope you and baby are well!

My World said...

hi nyree!
i definitely feel the same way. we've been trying and even with the help of science, wala pa rin.

it will come at the right time and if it happens it will happen. that has become my attitude na about this.

hope is there and He will grant your wish definitely in His own time.

have a great weekend!


Nyree said...

Hi Julianna! Thank you for the encouragement. Yeah I try to think the same way to keep me from stressing to much about it. Good luck to us! :)


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