October 7, 2007

Work, Dreams and Family

It's been a lazy weekend so far with the husband and I hibernating inside our room watching the tube. It's one of those days when all we want is to lie down and relax. Get that much needed sleep, you know.

I don't have work tomorrow due to the canadian thanksgiving day. But I might go to work to help out Arvin and the gang. I miss that account and I am willing to dish out any help I could give.

Work's been pretty so-so the past few days. It still eats up much of my time though. But plans are underway for me to really take photography as a serious hobby.

The other week though, the husband uttered words I never thought I would hear: "I want to start a family na. Gusto ko na magkababy!" I was dumbfounded. I always knew he wanted it deep inside, but I guess fear of expenses and stuff has always kept him wary. I, on the other hand, have always wanted to have a baby. But frustration after frustration has made me numb about that dream. Brushing it away. And now that the husband has spoken of his intentions, then maybe I could give it another chance. Let's wait and see, shall we?

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