October 16, 2007

In Love, Age Doesn't Matter

I have an uncle who isn't married yet. He is now 60 years old. He's really nice so I used to wonder why he hasn't married yet. I guess he hasn't met the right girl for him.

Have you ever had that fear of not being able to marry? I did. As I stated before, my dream was to have my own family. I was never the career type of girl. And when thoughts of not getting married entered into my mind, I really freak out! I guess my fears were overrated. Sometimes, it just takes time and senior dating isn't really a bad idea. Who cares how old you are when you love each other?!

So I guess, I can consider my uncle as part of the senior singles group, huh! Well, ain't nothing bad about it. I did suggested he try to look for someone on the internet. Just trying to help out. Not matchmaking at all. After all, if you can build friendship on the net, why not love right? :)

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