October 26, 2007

Moving Out Stuff - We need a dishwasher!

In previously posted, the husband and I are moving out by early next year (can you tell my excitement?) so the husband and I went window shopping a while ago before we went for lunch. We canvassed for stuff that we would need for the new house. We still need a lot of appliances and household stuff because we decided to leave some of our stuff here. His parents would need them. We would need a new refrigerator, a sofa set, iron and ironing board and lots lots more. We just felt like we needed to look at current prices and as early as now get ready financially, not only for the rent but for the stuff that we'd need. And how could I forget, we would need dishwashers! My mom suggested we get one of those Frigidaire Dishwashers as she said it was really worth the money. (Well, we didn't have one but that was one of her dreams). My paternal grandmother has one and that's where she got the idea. She said it is still working to this day so it must be really good! I scouted the web and saw one that i really like already, if you play The Sims, you would know what I am talking about. You know those dishwashers they have? That's the type. It's built in to your kitchen sinks. Ooh I am excited!

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