October 26, 2007

NBI Clearance Day

Just got back from Manila. I accompanied the husband in getting his NBI clearance. Haay. Good thing we got there early the lines weren't too long (pero long pa din hmp!) yet. Unlike the time I got mine, oh my goodness talaga! The lines were like one big snake and you don't even know if your getting on the right line. The inefficiency talaga of government offices. I could go on and on but never mind na lang. I just tell myself, maybe I just don't know their hardship or what their job really entails so quiet nalang ako :)

What really struck me a while ago were people who brought their children there. Sige, let's say nalang they didn't have someone to leave their children to. But there was this one lady who had her 1 year old daughter ata with her. My goodness talaga. The child was all over the place it was scary! If you've been to the NBI office in Carriedo, you would know what I am talking about. First, the place has a lot - as in A LOT of people - different people you don't know. People who are in a hurry, walking fast, looking at their own documents while walking and not looking at their surroundings. Man! It was easy to loose a child in there. Second, since there are a lot of people, you wouldn't know who has colds or coughs, something a little child can be vulnerable to. Third, there were stairs and escalators in that building where the child can easily fall into. She was like, falling in line and then reading whatever papers she has and she just lets her daughter walk aimlessly around. She just shouts and calls the child's name and doesn't even look up. Buti nalang smart din yung kid and would always know where to look for her mom. Haay! Eto pa, so everyone was in a hurry cause the lines were getting long, while going up the stairs, she lets the child walk pa! Ano ba naman! Can't you just carry her?! Wala kayo sa bahay noh! The child could fall pa and hurt herself or get trampled on by other people kawawa naman. I was sooo close in telling her off. Good thing the husband was with me.

Sorry for the long rant. I just can't imagine or think of a good reason why there are people like her. Haaaay! I feel sorry for the kid tuloy. Anyway, it was a pretty fast process naman. Maybe because I've done it na before and I knew where to go. Promise, if it's your first time there, it will take you too long because you will get confused as to where the next step is.

After NBI, we went to Hidalgo to look at dSLRs. Oh my gosh. I was so naglalaway na to buy the rebel. kaso since we're planning to move out early next year, the dSLR purchase may have to take back seat while we prioritize buying our stuff. Oh well. After Hidalgo, we had lunch in Carvajal, Binondo at QuickSnack, a small Chinese restaurant that has been my favorit for like forever! I've been eating there since I was 5 years old ata! I make it a point to eat there every once in a while. Good and affordable meals!

The husband is still out though. I went home while he went straight to the QC City Hall to get his police clearance. He had me go home to rest kasi I didn't have sleep pa daw (I went straight from my shift kasi). So sweet the husband! Yiheee! lol!

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