October 24, 2007

Shifting Careers?

I've been thinking about other work opportunities that doesn't require me to work the night shift. As much as I appreciate the financial rewards I am getting from working in a contact center, I really think it's about time for me to focus on our marriage. But with us working different times, we only get to see each other during the weekends.

I know I am blessed and I still get to see my husband at the end of a work week while others who have their husbands/wives in a different part of the globe only get to see theirs for a couple of years. But sometimes, I get to thinking you know. While we are both here, it's really lame that we only get to spend time with each other for only 2 days.

I've been looking through the internet and it seems that virtual office assistants are booming these days. I'm thinking of giving it a try, even just for part time. If it's going to be on North American time, then at least I get to stay home and see the husband. It is soo tempting! Flexible working hours!

What do you guys think?

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