October 7, 2007

Shopping Online

I had this great idea a while ago but I don't really know if it is feasible. Well, I am planning to go serious on taking photography as a hobby and maybe in the future, put up a studio or something. I know it's going to take a lot of work but I am willing to go the distance. By December of this year, I will get my DSLR and maybe a couple of lens. I've been reading on photography too and probably enroll myself in a class sometime. Practice is also important so I am trying to organize myself and my time to be able to practice shooting some pictures. Well, amidst all that thinking, I suddenly thought, if ever I go deeper into photography and eventually get some customers, I would want to offer them online services. I don't know, maybe and online secure site where I could upload their pictures and allow them to order prints from me. Or maybe some novelty items with their pictures on it. Something to that effect. I haven't thought it out all well but I would definitely need a company that would host a shopping cart software for me. E-commerce is something really in today. I mean it's easy and convenient! I guess if my idea clicks then my customers would not have a hard time right?

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