October 17, 2007

Still At Home...

I am still at home. This time I am down with dysmhenorrhea (spelling?). Darn! I hate this. I was literally crying from the abdominal pains a while ago. I was writhing in pain and the husband was just helplessly watching me and holding my hand which I am very very thankful for. Having him beside me was really a blessing!

To make matters worse, I missed out on online opportunities. Dang! I was hoping I could compensate my absence with at least a bit of online earnings but i fell into a deep sleep and missed out. :( To cheer me up, the husband ordered a double cheese burger meal for me from Mc Donalds. Yum! Feeling much better now actually alhough I still feel a bit of pain.

Tomorrow, it's really back to work for me.

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