October 24, 2007

Theme Parks UK

I have a secret to tell you. The husband hasn't been to a theme park! Ssshh!

Poor thing. I was planning to take him to a local theme park but since the cousin is leaving for the UK next year and there is a chance we could visit, I am planning to just wait it out and take him to Theme Parks UK. Have you seen their largest theme park - Pleasure Beach Pool? Not yet? I suggest you head over to their site and check it out! The site is very user friendly and very very convenient - imagine you can even plan your trip online! Amazing!

They have a wide variety of rides and shows that would boggle your mind! I am particularly interested in rifing the Infusion, a suspended looping coaster that would take you to amazing heights! I am sure the husband would rather wait for me while I finish this ride. He is not the type who enjoys these things - maybe that is why he hasn't been to a theme park yet lol! Well, he's definitely going to miss out if he doesn't join me.

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