October 18, 2007

Work and Career

I went back to work today. And as expected, I sorted through hundreds of emails. Things were pretty okay. But towards the end of the shift i got really pissed off at someone. I mean, dude, where's your brain?! Do you even understand what I am talking about?! Or do you want me to spell it out? Grrr! Oh well, just another day in the office.

Because of my indignation. I went home early. I clocked out at exactly 5AM and left the office. Well, that was my sort of resolution since last week. To leave the office at the end of my shift no matter how much more work needs to be done. I mean, I can only do so much. I did my best, did not waste the company's time so I believe I am entitled to go home when my shift ends. I don't have OT pay anyway. :D

Besides, I just noticed that the husband and I rarely talk anymore since we don't get to see each other during the weekdays. It makes me sad. That's when I decided enough is enough. Nothing can ever replace a broken marriage. So now, when I go home early, I get to cook him breakfast and we get to eat breakfast together. Things have been going nicely since then.

I guess I just really need to find that balance. To manage my time more efficiently. Know my priorities. I know I can do it and I will.

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