October 17, 2007

Orlando Holiday Villa

My cousin is currently processing her papers for her US Visa for an Orlando Holiday. Her parents are sending her there this December as a gift. I am so envious. I wish I could join her but there are bills to pay so maybe next time.

Anyway, I have heard how beautiful Florida is, weather is much like here in our country. There are a lot of beautiful beaches, attractions and theme parks. Just thinking about it now excites me.

The other day, we both looked over some sites for her Florida part of the trip and one of her major like is the Orlando Holiday Villa. It is a perfect deal for her, her British boyfriend and her friends as it is literally a vacation home. They have wonderful choices from condos to pool homes! The price is affordable too as it could cost less than $10 per person if they directly rent the units. Wow! A perfect deal indeed!

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