November 13, 2007

For the Love of Animals

I just have to post this.

My 3 year old Godson is watching the cartoon "Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron" for the second time in his whole 3 years. The first time was about a couple of months ago. We were watching it on my laptop. He was so happy seeing a lot of horses at the start of the movie. Then came this scene where the Indian family the horses were staying with was attacked and to save their beloved master, they jumped in between the gun shot (the bullet missed) and the horses were thrown towards the water and was carried off towards the waterfalls. Well of course they fell but didn't die naman. I felt him jump when the shot was fired but he was so into the movie that I never realized what he was into until he turned his face towards me. Lo and behold! Bucket of tears were falling from his face and his shoulders were heaving up and down from crying. Pretty soon, he was into a crying fit that lasted for about 15 minutes! I felt bad. Feeling ko the kid was traumatized by the scene. He couldn't forget about it for the rest of the day. But it turned out he just had a heart for animals.

Months passed and I thought he had all forgotten about it until he requested to watch the movie again today. So here he is beside me now in tears again but trying so very hard to hide it. hahaha! Binata na, he's trying to deny that he is crying. I was asking him what's wrong the first time I heard him sniffle, he said, "wala ninang, tulo lang laway" (Nothing. My saliva just dripped). At the same scene where he bawled his eyes out the first time, I knew he was crying again as he was sniffling like crazy, I asked him again what's wrong, he wouldn't look at me and just said, "Wala Ninang, sisipon lang ako" (Nothing, I just have colds). Hahahaha! Sorry, I just can't help but be aliw with this kid. He's starting to become embarrassed na from crying.

Nakakatuwa lang talaga sya. He has such a big heart for animals talaga! Kahit daga (rat), when he sees it trapped, he cries like hell kasi "wawa" (pitiful) daw. If it's true that kids usually get the traits of their Godparents, then he must have gotten that from me. I really cry even for those little kittens left out on the street, but not naman for rats hahaha!

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