November 24, 2007


It's 3AM and I am still awake. I've been waiting for some opportunities but none are available at the moment. That's okay, I've reached my quota for the day anyway. Also, I've already started to receive some payments on my PayPal Philippines account and it's now working yey! I just have to work on my Unionbank EON and I am all set.

Our Tita Bhie is here as well and we're having some fun. She's such a cool person, a cool mom! We had coffee til about 12AM and then watched some DVDs in our room after. We got hungry though so we ordered some burgers from McDonalds. And may I just say I am a tad disappointed at their service today? First they forgot the fries that were included on the 3 cheeseburger meals we ordered and they short changed me when I specifically asked change for 500 pesos when I called. So I decided to call again and reminded them to send the 3 fries and the change. When another rider arrived with the fries, he still did not have the 9 bucks of change they owe me. I know it's not much but hey, they should give what is due. The rider said we can just remind them of the 9 pesos when we order again. WTF? I will call them tomorrow to give them a piece of my mind, in a tactful and peacful manner, of course.

Sigh! Still no opps yet. I guess I'll do some bloghopping. I am not sleepy yet.

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