November 22, 2007


I am done with my date with Shaun T on DVD. Whew! It was a great 10 minute workout. After that I decided to rearrange some furniture and get rid of the clutter in our room. I wonder how long this spic and span room will last before hurricane Nyree and cyclone Jasper hits! lol! Haay! We're just so inconsistent when it comes to keeping our room in order. Jasper, is a guy, enough said. Makalat talaga! Add me pa in the picture and you get one big mess of a room! I wanted to take a picture kaso the S3 is still with my sister. Besides, nahiya naman ako ng konti lol! Well, I'm sure the room will be a mess in a couple of days or so, I'll try to take a snapshot of it hehehe!

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