November 22, 2007

Project: Lose Excess Weight

Home at last. And the good news is my leave was approved. Thanks Angelo! You're an angel. I'd be ableto get some rest before doing those lab tests. Anyway, I'm just resting a bit because in a couple of minutes, it's Hip Hop Abs time. I am tired but I need to do this regularly if I really want to lose this excess weight. Things are looking pretty good though. I've been very consistent in keeping myself away from junk food and fast food and soda. No soda for a week yey! For a soda addict like me, that is an achievement already. It was hard though. My body has also adjusted to the lessened rice intake. And when the next paycheck comes, I'll buy myself a weighing scale. Wish me luck guys! :) Now off I go with my date with Shaun T. See you all later!

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