November 21, 2007

Significant Other's Tag

I was tagged by Mai. Thanks a bunch Mai!

1. His Name. Stephen Jasper. He is fondly called Ping-ping by his family and closest friend. The nick came from the Ilocano word Ping which means cheeks. He has really chubby cheeks and a high cheekbone. To his colleagues though, he is known as Jas.

2. How we met? He was a friend of my ex boyfriend's elder brothe. Confusing? lol! Well, we met at my ex boyfriend's house actually.

3. Characteristic of Jasper. I could list a hundred but the most loved characteristics he has are his patience and loyalty to his family and friends.

4. Our 20-30 year plan. Have our own house and God willing, our own child.

1 comment:

Mai said...

uy i know that ping-ping thing in ilocano...pure ilocano kasi parents ko eh. :)


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