December 17, 2007

Back from the Party

Hi all! I just got back from our company Christmas party. SiTEL outdid themselves this year with a lavish celebration! It was held at the SMX Convention Center and we filled halls 1-4 of the 2nd floor. Theme was Casino Royale and there were slot machines and casino games inside. The SMX convention center was HUGE! Party was fun but I didn't get to win the grand prize, an Isuzu Alto. Sayang. hehehe! I'd share some pictures but the Rebel's battery got drained. I had to use the flash a couple of times because it was kinda dark inside. If I am not done with browsing the net for the Rebel's accesories and the battery gets full, I'll upload them and share them with you. Toodles!

1 comment:

Something Purple said...

hi nyree, just bloghopping!
you work at sitel, a good friend of mine works there too, just in case you bumped into her say Hi for me, farah dela rosa it is =)



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