December 2, 2007


Hello. I was away for quite some time. I promise to make bawi with my bloghopping and will visit your blogs soon.

Well, thanks to the amazing SmartBro, we did not have any internet connection from Tuesday afternoon 'til Friday. It went up when I was about to go to work so didn't have time to blog anymore. I am giving them another chance. If their connection does not improve, I am moving to their competitor. I've heard great reviews so let's see.

What really got me pissed off, is that prior to SmartBro's base station going haywire, our linksys router was doing great. When the connection went up, our wireless router could not detect SmartBro's connection, we had to plug the cable directly to our laptops if we want to have connection. Sheesh. When I called their customer service, I was told they could not assist me with the router since their connection is up and running. Well thank you SmartBro for not helping after days of not having internet access!!!

Oh and if you're wondering where the links to your blog are, I moved them to another page to free up some space on my sidebar. :) I hope y'all don't mind. You can just click on the "links" tab on the top of this page.

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