December 5, 2007

Five in a Row

I was tagged by Yen. Thanks Yen!

1. Name one thing you do everyday.
  • Blog. lol!
  • 2. Name two things you wish you could learn.
  • Learn how to speak French
  • Cook. I am terrible in the kitchen
  • 3. Name three things that remind you of your childhood.
  • The smell of firewood.
  • Goya chocolates
  • My Little Pony toys
  • 4. Name four things you love to eat but rarely do.
  • Crabs. They're expensive!
  • Sans Rival. Sweet and expensive. A lethal combination for me.
  • Pesto Pasta from Selah (a local cafe in Mandaluyong) - far from where I live and work. sob!
  • A certain pasta from California Pizza Kitchen. Sobrang rare ko makain I forgot the name.
  • 5. Name five things that make you feel good.
  • Spending time with the husband.
  • Taking shots from my S3
  • Being on the road, travelling - but not driving hehe!
  • Singing. Not really good at this but I just love to sing. :P
  • Being able to buy the things I want. Take note want at hindi need bwahahaha!
  • I am tagging Juliet and Quel. :)

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