December 5, 2007

6 Days and the Rebel's Here

6 More days. Oh the agony of waiting! lol! The cash that I need to buy the Rebel doesn't get here until the 10th cause that's the day our company chose to release the bonus. Antagal! Hahaha!. I am praying it arrives at least past 11AM so I can get my hiney over to Hidalgo and finally get My Rebel. Addict! As my friend Joyce would say: "Beh, isa ka nang addict!" lol!

I am still 80% bent on leaving the company and stay at home. I don't like it there anymore. Parang the change wasn't good for me. I was happier when I was an analyst. Happy with what i was doing and loved what I was doing. Even loved the account I was handling, stress and all. Honest, you would see me rendering almost 2 shifts straight or come in to the office on a weekend without pay and not a single complaint was heard from me. My supervisor could attest to that. But now, life took a turn. I am handling a new account and I am not happy. I can't pinpoint exactly why. I mean, I could handle the load of tasks and the stress, but somehow, I feel like this isn't my place. Sigh.

Another things is I feel like I want to rest, stay at home, be a housewife and all. The only thing stopping me is the health benefit I get. Sayang kasi. Hmm..Decisions. Decisions.

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