December 13, 2007

Learning Something New

They weren't kidding when they say, learning is a lifelong process and you get to learn something new everyday. And I realized I learned something new when I started working for this account - working while listening to music from my iPod. Hee!
I used to hate any noise when I studied or work. It makes me lose my focus. I couldn't concentrate. Not even classical music! All I want is peace and quiet, That is my learning style. But eversince I started working with this account, (where I am situated on the operations floor, with just a slim divider that separates our department from the agents) I could now work with my iPod blasting in my ears. I can even sing along while working and miracle of mircales, could focus and produce better results! I am even cranky when I don't have my iPod with me! lol! This is one cool thing to learn! hehehe!

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